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Columbus TechWeek publishes articles or provides links to pages containing information of interest to the central Ohio tech community.

Our key interests involve...
  • "How-To" tips for management, development, marketing, sales and delivery
  • Corporate profiles
  • Tech industry trends, including explanations of new technologies and their value
To submit your article or news release, create an account. Then, simply log in and follow the instructions.

Ideal submissions include a simple headline, along with a brief description of the article and a url link to a Web site where the complete information appears. In the event the article is not available elsewhere, include the complete text in the "description" area of the form, and include a link to your company’s Web site.

You may also submit your news release to the editor via e-mail by clicking here.

Editorial submissions require the approval of the editor or the publisher and are reviewed first and foremost regarding value to the local tech community. The editor reserves the right to edit content for length, style and relevance to readership. Most submissions placed through our on-line form will be posted right away. Most e-mailed submissions will appear within two business days. The deadline for distribution in Friday’s e-mailed publication is Wednesday at noon.
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